A digital sales tool
We support you across the sales process
Our simulator will reassure and convince future customers and helps you to adjust unit's prices accordingly
You can finally deal with natural light in a “live” environment thanks to our efficient and innovative tool. Your customers will rapidly adopt our intuitive and interactive platform. You’ll see, it’s breath-taking!

By measuring the natural light of your apartments, we also help you to sell your properties at a right price. In the end, you will sell faster and reduce your unsold stock.

Support during the commercialization

Enhance the natural light of your properties
Optimize your price list considering natural light
Convince your customers with an innovative and interactive platform

We support you across the sales process

Be different and boost your sales: address now your customers' objections
Reception of your plans
Reception of your plans
We receive your project plans during the best timing and we take advantage of this exchange to consider all requirements and expectations. We work with standard files (DWG, BIM).
Mandatory files:
Scale plan
Front plan
Floor plan with property nomenclature
Block plan
Calculations and analysis
Calculations and analysis
Our engineers model the building and its environment to simulate natural light and sunshine for each room and each day of the year.
Audited by
Items taken into account for calculations:
Surrounding buildings and vegetation
Historical weather data
Room surface
Close masks
GPS location
Size, orientation and vis-a-vis windows
Data integration on our platform or on your partners'
Data integration on our platform or on your partners'
Solen gives you access to an intuitive and efficient online platform. We can also connect it directly to your website through an API and on your partners’ building 3D model.

Solen's plateform

The web application

An easy and intuitive platform where the customer can project himself into his future property

A timing scale

A timing scale

Projects the natural light in the property, according to the different seasons and each hour of the day

An interactive plan

An interactive plan

Gives you the natural light of each room according to the time and hour you chose, and tells you when to turn off or on the light

Sun's trajectory

Sun's trajectory

Through the compass, we show you the position of the sun according to the season and time of day

Visualize it

Visualize it

Compare the natural light of the property with a “show apartment” using the timing scale

The certificate in detail

Available for each apartment, you can download from the platform. It contains two additional pieces of information:


The time slots of natural light and sunshine for each season

Moyennes par mois

The average number of hours of natural light and sunshine for each season of the year

Get quantified data for your customers, help them visualize the finalized property
Discover the platform
Adjustments and tips for price list
Adjustments and tips for price list
The natural light influences the price of a property, up to 11%. That's why we help you to adjust the pricing for each lot according to the natural light and sunshine “available”. Thus, you increase the price of bright properties and lower the price of those who are not.
By increasing the price of the brighter properties and decreasing those with a lower rating, the total envelope remains neutral. However, your properties will be sold at the right price, your sales time and your unsold stock will be reduced.
Your sales team’s training
Your sales team’s training
Upon project delivery, we train your sales team to talk about natural light and be more effective in their sales techniques. The objective is to better guide them and answer all questions they might have.

Your coordinator is also available by phone or email along the sales process.