Properties audit and optimization
during the design phase of the operation
Analysis of the natural light and sunshine of each lot every day of the year
Secondly, we support you in order to improve the natural light and sunshine in your homes for the comfort and well-being of future residents, but also to reach the thresholds set by your certification.
After analysis of the plans of the operation, we offer various options to improve the natural light and sunshine of your properties. We suggest modification about the size and location of the openings, the arrangement of the rooms or the color of the coatings used. With our help, you can increase the natural light of your properties by 20%.

Support during the design

Design properties genuinely brighter
Meet the specifications of planning authorities
Get HQE, BREAM, LEED labels ...

We help you designing the best enlightened properties

On average, our customers increase natural light of their properties by 20% and their final prices by 0,5%
Reception of your plans
Reception of your plans
We receive your project plans during the best timing of the design phase. We also take advantage of this exchange to consider all requirements and expectations. We work with standard files (DWG, BIM).
Mandatory files:
Scale plan
Front plan
Floor plan with property nomenclature
Block plan
Calculations and analysis
Calculations and analysis
Our engineers model the building and its environment to simulate natural light and sunshine for each room and each day of the year.

We can provide you the annual natural light and sunshine averages and the Daylight factor for each room.

Depending on your needs, if you have thresholds set by your certification, we can already identify the properties that meet them and those on which we will then propose solutions to achieve them.
Audited by
Items taken into account for calculations:
Surrounding buildings and vegetation
Historical weather data
Room surface
Close masks
GPS location
Size, orientation and vis-a-vis windows
Meeting and proposal for plans' alterations
Meeting and proposal for plans' alterations
During the second meeting, we present our first audit and choose together all properties that need to be enhanced in terms of natural light and sunshine.
Then, we will suggest modifications of your plans considering your technical and regulatory constraints, without increasing your budget. With the proposed changes, we improve in average the natural light of the properties of 20%. By linking the price of your properties with their natural light, we can increase your turnover from +0.2 to 0.5%.
Suggestions for changes:
  • Size of the openings
  • Position of the openings
  • Room layout
  • Position of the balconies
  • ...
Study of the impact of modification on natural light of properties
Study of the impact of modification on natural light of properties
We study the options validated together during the meeting and calculate their impact on the natural light and sunshine of each property.
Insights of our study
Insights of our study
We present you various options to alterate your plans’ property based on results from our study. We then present you the impacts on the natural light and the price of the estate.