Thomas Carrez's testimony, Cogedim

Thomas Carrez

person Job: Real Estate Advisor

work Company: Cogedim

domain Program: Agence Savoies Leman - Shiro Project

place Place: Annemasse

The Solen platform causes a wahoo effect for our customers, it's a very nice surprise!
Is the Solen study relevant?
Yes, the Solen study is very relevant to Cogedim. The tool makes it possible to calculate and simulate the natural luminosity and the sunshine of a property from the plans provided by the architect. It allows our sales teams to talk concretely and precisely about the brightness of a home. When we sell off-plan housing units, we are constantly confronted with the sunshine issue: the question of exposure and brightness is a very present objection. It is a recurring problem in the process of purchasing customers, it is in the top 5 elements. The Solen platform helps sales to reassure customers. At Cogedim, we are very pleased to have the Solen tool on our new real estate programs, it is an additional concrete tool for our sales teams.
Do you have a concrete example with the Solen tool?
In a low light home, we can quantify and measure the brightness in each room. This allows customers to picture themselves better in the property. For example, I showed an apartment in a flat already built with vis-à-vis. Customers quickly speculated that, given the location of the property, there would be no light. I was able to do the test live with them via the Solen tool, and prove them with quantified data that this apartment was bright and sunny. The certificate of natural light quickly reassured them.
How did your prospects and customers welcome the tool?
The tool has been very well welcomed by customers, it helps them to picture themself easily into housing that does not exist. It's a simple and funny way to discover the natural light and sunshine of a property. The Solen platform causes a "wow" effect for our customers, it's a very nice surprise!
Do you recommend the Solen tool?
Yes, I highly recommend the Solen tool! With the platform, I prove that a flat facing north can be bright and sunny. It is a concrete tool that helps saling. We hope to offer the platform on all our new real estate programs!

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