Solen, the natural light indicator in the real estate sector

Real estate professionals, make a difference by valuing the natural light of your property and win more mandates.

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Why do they use Solen?

Natural light is the 3rd choice criterion when buying a property
A key argument to get hold of exclusive mandates
Sell faster at the best price
Reassure buyers of the natural light of the property
Increase the number of qualified visits
Use a unique technology in the world

You can also become a natural light expert

They use our natural light certificate

How is the natural light certificate presented?

The simplified certificate

This summary, provided in PNG or JPG, can easily be published on real estate advertisements. It provides three pieces of information :

Natural light

Natural light

It corresponds to the average number of hours per day where the natural light is sufficient to read a book without having to turn on the light. This value takes into account the weather of the location

Direct sunshine

Direct sunshine

It corresponds to the average number of hours per day where the sun enters the room

Comparaison with the city average

Comparaison with the city average

This average is calculated on the basis of the properties analysed in the same town

The certificate in detail

Customizable with your logo and generated in PDF, you can provide it to your clients during the visit of the property. It contains two addtional pieces of information:


The time slots of natural light and sunshine for each season

Moyennes par mois

The average number of hours of natural light and sunshine for each season of the year


How does it work?

How is this certificate calculated?

In order to obtain an objective and precise result, our calculation of natural light and sunshine is done easily thanks to a mobile app. Our algorithm takes into account the following parameters:
Orientation and opposite view
Location and surface of the room
Size of the windows
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