Jean-Pierre Fischer's testimony, Benedic Immobilier

Jean-Pierre Fischer

person Job: Director

work Company: Benedic immobilier

domain Agency: Benedic Immobilier

place Place: Metz

Solen is an innovative tool, precursor and differentiator!
What do you think of the Solen tool?
I would say that Solen is an innovative tool, that’s why it seduced us at Benedic Immobilier. The tool calculates and simulates the natural luminosity and sunshine of a property by providing a diagnosis of luminosity in less than 24 hours. The application also has a pioneering effect and is very differentiating! This is an additional asset that makes it stand out from other agencies. When an apartment is bright, the tool allows salespeople to have an additional selling point.
Is natural light a prime criterion for buyers?
Yes, the natural light criterion is very important for our customers. That's why the Solen tool makes sense on real estate portals. It's simple, fun and accurate!
Does the Solen light certificate allow you to enhance the brightness or answer certain objections?
Yes exactly! The Solen luminosity certificate enhances the brightness of the goods and counter several objections. It is also used as a selling point. The Solen certificate is clear and very well done. In less than 5 minutes, our sales staff realize it. It's easy and fast! It makes it possible to value the goods and helps the customers to picture themselves directly into their future goods.
Would you recommend the Solen certificate to other agents?
I highly recommend the Solen solution to other agencies! It is a way of differentiation that allows the Benedic Immobilier agency to enrich the range of tools that we can present to our clients.

The Benedic real estate group operates in six real estate businesses: transaction, leasing, co-ownership, management, new and business real estate. 50 years already and projects that crackle, preserving the values ​​of the company: permanent concern of the customer and the collaborators, righteousness and rigor.

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